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5 Long Lasting Benefits of Car Washing

Who doesn’t love the look, feel, and smell of a freshly washed car? We’re pretty sure we all do. At the same time we can easily let too much time pass between washes. 


While a car wash does mean less time spent looking at a dingy vehicle and escaping that otherwise inevitable “wash me” tag, it’s also a top way to preserve your vehicle’s condition. In fact, car washing should be considered a part of scheduled maintenance, not a passing afterthought. We’re going to discuss five reasons why this is true, and how regular car washing can help you protect and preserve your vehicle and your investment.


Ignoring car washing until it’s screaming at you is not the best approach. Here’s why.


  1. Increase the value of the wash. A basic car wash will do the job, but inexpensive add-on services can really make that clean last. Choose from a clear-coat to help ward off the sun’s UV rays, excess moisture and oxidation. If your vehicle spends a lot of time outside or you don’t have a sheltered area to park, then this protective coating is a must to save your paint job or even help to avoid superficial scratches from rough terrain. That bit of protection from a clear coat after a good (gentle) scrub can go far to remove environmental and mechanical buildup
  2. Preserve the value of your car. Whether you plan to trade or sell your vehicle in the near future, it’s worth keeping the condition up. Plans change, and you could quickly find yourself needing a larger, smaller, or otherwise different ride. If you’ve been regularly washing your car, then it stands to reason that you’ve been paying attention to it in general, and it’s likely in a better condition than most. That’s great news when it comes to looking for a new vehicle and it means that you can probably fetch more than average when selling or trading in. Every time you’re on the road or parked you can encounter grime, mud, bird droppings, road salt, and other corrosive substances that can cause fading, rust, and other issues. Regular car washing is the best way to ward off premature aging to your vehicle that could leave it looking run-down and less desirable to buyers.
  3. Protect yourself and your passengers. A thorough car wash doesn’t just clean the body of your vehicle, it should also clear debris and buildup from windows, mirrors, lights and tires––arguably some of the most important parts of your car where safety is concerned. Clear mirrors and windows and clean headlamps and tail lights mean that you can see potential dangers, and that other drivers can see you. During rough weather, the last thing you want to deal with are additional hazards that could have been easily prevented with regular car washing.
  4. Add to your car’s life expectancy. A vehicle’s longevity depends heavily on its owner’s attention and maintenance. That could differ depending on where someone lives, so remember that local conditions should, in part, dictate how and when you go about washing your car. From acid rain and saltwater to pollen and insects, each environmental factor poses its own threat; some can even eat through your car’s finish and paint, damaging the metal beneath. Regular washing and protective coatings keep surfaces looking newer longer, and paint color and finish quality will be preserved. The sun is another threat, but clear coats and waxes can prevent otherwise inevitable fading. And don’t neglect your car’s tires and undercarriage! Seasonal cleanings can wipe away contaminants that cling to surfaces and can eventually cause corrosive damage.
  5.  Boost your wellbeing. Like we said at the outset, that “clean car” feeling is something we all love. Like a freshly cleaned and tidied home, it can quickly improve a bad mood. And clean, clear surroundings can also go far to declutter your mind. It’s sort of amazing how that works, but it does. Try it for yourself and see how a clean, tidy car can make all the difference in your day.


Another potential benefit that you might experience is less drag, due to a clean, smooth exterior. Over time, that increase in aerodynamics could add up to better fuel economy. And hey, we’ll take whatever savings we can get in that department! 


How Often Should You Wash Your Car?


A simple rule of thumb is that when dirt is visible on your car’s exterior, it’s time for a wash. This makes sense, and falls in line with any other sort of routine cleaning we do in our homes and offices. Getting that thin layer of grime off of your car’s paint now means far less scrubbing, wear and tear later on. We’d say that, depending on your local climate, weather, and specific environmental factors, a weekly or bi-weely car wash is a good starting point. Once you’re in the routine, you’ll be able to get a better gauge on how quickly debris builds up, and this can shift depending on the season. 


In the long run, regular washing – like all forms of maintenance – will save you money in the form of avoidable repairs down the road. And most often, professional car washes use far less water than you will if you wash at home. So spare yourself the workout, waste, and water bill – make professional car washing a regular treat to your car, and to yourself.


Keep Your Car Clean With Andy’s


Not all car washing equipment is made equal. Besides initial quality, upkeep is also key to an efficient, effective wash. At Andy's AutoWash and Detailing Center we take our business seriously. After all, this is about making it easier for you to get more out of the investments you’ve made in your vehicle. We use only gentle surfactants and brushes, and perform regular maintenance to ensure that grime and grit are flushed. That means that you can expect a sparkling clean result every time you visit. 

Take advantage of a range of exterior car wash and interior detailing services in the Cleveland area –– get in touch with us to schedule your next cleaning!