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A Guide To Keeping Your Car like New

Rear driver side tail-light of a red car.


Cars tend to lose value quickly over time, but the right kind of care can keep them looking fresh and maintain some of that value. Keeping your car like new isn’t difficult, and though it can take time, it ends up being worth it. Here are some ways to maintain your vehicle’s value: 




Taking Care of the Exterior

The exterior of a vehicle can be tricky to take care of if you want to maintain its value. Many considerations come into play. Where should I park? Should I wash by hand or use an automated car wash? 


Parking is an important consideration. Parking under trees can be bad for the exterior of your car because of the animals that use trees. Bird poop is a car’s greatest enemy, causing major deterioration of paint, especially if left on for more than a couple hours. It can be handy to keep some detailing spray and a microfiber cloth in your car so you can address issues as they arise. 


Washing your car regularly helps maintain paint and other parts of the car as well. Professional washes are much less likely to scratch your car than hand washing.  Car washes like Andy’s Auto Wash seek the highest quality materials that are safe for your vehicle. Washing a car at home with a sponge can actually scratch your car more because of particles in the sponge. Certain soaps are also not good for your car’s finish.  Automated car washes are also more environmentally friendly and efficient than washing at home. Places like Andy’s Auto Wash offer a wide range of car washes and you can add towel drying, which can help keep your paint looking new as well! 


Taking Care of the Interior

Taking care of the inside of your vehicle will really keep the value of your car up in the long run. Regularly vacuuming is important. The carpet in a car can hold a large amount of dirt, and regularly vacuuming ensures you will get all of it out. Wiping down surfaces is also important in order to keep any splashes of corrosive materials (such as salt and other chemicals that runoff on the street) from deteriorating the interior. Upholstery care keeps the car’s value up as well. 

Taking care of the interior of a vehicle can be a big burden. Professional detailing can be a great way to ensure a thorough clean without the hassle of hours of your time wrestling with the vacuum. Andy’s Auto Wash offers detailing services at many differing price levels. Find a good fit to keep your car like new!

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