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How Auto Detailing Improves Your Car's Resale Value

Car owner handing over the keys to a buyer.

No wonder your car feels amazingly clean after you get it back from a collision repair shop. It has been handled carefully by true professionals who know the ins and outs of auto detailing in Cleveland, Ohio! Unless you find a way to keep your car sheltered around the clock, exposure to sunlight, weather, and external conditions will hit it hard. That’s when technicians skilled in professional auto detailing make all the difference.

For those contemplating selling their vehicles, getting them professionally detailed will help improve their value. A simple car wash won't do, as the experts know the best methods to wash, dry, and polish the exterior of your vehicle to get rid of marks, scratches, and other blemishes. Regular bodywork will help make your car look new and that, in turn, will increase its value in the long-term. Here is how professional auto detailing helps improve your car's value.

They Work on Its Exterior

Understand that your car is considered used the moment you drive it off the lot. Even when car dealerships don't use the dreaded “used car" term, you still know you’re dealing with a used ride. However, exterior detailing can lend a helping hand by restoring and protecting your paint job.
Professional detailers are experienced enough to pick the best paint protection products to deal with the elements that cause scratching, fading, marring, and general wear and tear. They polish all the scratches and swirls, wax your car, and dry it using a soft microfiber cloth. The finishing touch? They’ll wash and scrub the wheels to bring them back to their original glory even if they have been caked with grime.

They Uplift Its Interior

Steam Cleaning Car Interior

Who wants to buy a car that comes with a grimy, gross interior? And yet, it's hard to keep your car in perfect shape, especially if you have children, pets, or simply eat in your car (like we all do). Exposure to harmful UV rays can also damage your upholstery, dashboard, and the entire trim.
Thankfully, professional car detailers can address all those points. They make it odor-free through sweeping, shampooing, and conditioning. The use of special sanitizing products can make your fabric, leather, and carpeting fresh and clean. They’ll use leather conditioners to lengthen the life of your leather and restore its supple softness. This deep-clean process will freshen up your car from the inside out and help increase its overall value.

They Spruce Up the Engines

Without a clean motor, you just can't have a properly running car, and a professionally-detailed engine will always give you peace of mind. A squeaky clean engine works better and makes it easier for mechanics to identify issues.
Professional detailers first use a light mist to get rid of any loose dirt. They proceed by wiping down the engine components and follow with a thorough rinse. Once dried, they apply protective compounds to silicone, rubber, and plastic parts to avoid cracking. This leaves your car with a superbly clean engine compartment, which makes it aesthetically pleasing and naturally adds to its overall worth.

Get Your Car Detailed; Call the Professionals

Detailing Leather Car Upholstery

The truth is, regular car washes won't cut it when it comes to resale value. Only professional auto detailing can have a direct impact on your car's market value, increasing it up to 15% in some cases! Make an appointment for a complete car detailing with us at Andy’s Auto Wash, and we’ll get your vehicle looking and smelling brand new in no time. Call us at 440-777-4414 or contact us here on our site. 

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