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How to Keep Your Car Shining All Summer

When summer comes, all you want to do is step out and enjoy the sun. It's also a great time to go for long road trips. However, careful measures should be taken so that your car isn't damaged under the hot sun. You want your vehicle to shine throughout summer and remain as glossy as it was when you bought it. Keeping your ride shiny and spotless is simple when you follow a few maintenance tips. Below are five steps to keep your coat glimmering under the summer heat.

1. Regular Washes

Washing your car is a pretty basic maintenance step, but its importance cannot be overemphasized. With day to day use, dust, grime, and other particles settle on the body of your car. If left on for extended periods, they may bond with the car paint and won't come off with a simple car wash. Washing your car every two to four weeks will keep these residues from corrupting the quality of your car's paint job. With good quality soap and the right non-abrasive brush, you'll be able to keep your car shining. See what exterior car wash package are right for you!

2. Get Rid of Superficial Scratches

Scratches on your paint job occasionally happen with daily car use. Superficial scratches that are not too wide or deep are easy to take care of. View our exterior detailing packages to not only remove these minor surface scratches but also help protect your finish.

3. Park Under A Shade

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are a major contributing factor to faded car paints. Your car is likely to suffer from excessive sun exposure during summer when the sun is scorching. To prevent premature aging due to faded paint, park your car under cover either in the garage, carport, or whatever shade you can get. Otherwise, the paint will lose its luster under the hot sun and leave your car looking unpleasantly weather-beaten.

4. Get Rid of Bird Droppings, Bugs, and Pollen Immediately

Bird droppings are not as harmless as they may appear, especially not when they land on your car. The droppings are acidic in nature and will gradually dissolve your car paint if left on for a long time. Bugs on the front of your car can eat through your paint in as little as two weeks; the hotter the day, the faster the damage. Pollen is acidic and when it mixes with rain and is allowed to evaporate, it can be as damaging as acid rain. Our exterior car wash packages can help you get rid of these, but also consider our ceramic coating which will help protect your finish for up to two years!

5. Seek Professional Services

Not every scratch or stain on your car's paint can be corrected with a few products in your garage. When you need an extensive car painting service such as getting a new paint job or even dealing with scratches that go beyond the paint's protective layer, getting a professional to do an auto detailing for you will yield the best results. Attempting to fix some issues on your own may lead to more damage that will cost you so much more than you'll spend if you go to a professional right away. With a professional job, you can expect your car to look new once again.


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