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How to Prepare Your Car for Winter in Cleveland, Ohio

A red truck covered in snow that needs to be prepared for winter. Find tips here at Andys Auto Wash.

Cleveland is known for a lot of things, from its status as the birthplace of rock and roll to its numerous sports franchises. However, what this Ohio city is probably best known for is its unforgiving winters.

With snowstorms, blizzards, and constant windiness, you have a lot to worry about as a car owner. The weather can prove to be not only dangerous as you drive but also damaging to your car. But there are correct measures you can take to prepare. Here are 7 tips that will come in handy as it gets colder in Cleveland.

Check your tire treads and replace if necessary.

The importance of steady and reliable wheels during cold months cannot be emphasized enough. Whether it is fall rain or winter ice on the road, you need to be able to ensure firm grip between the treads and the tarmac.

For this, you need to get your wheel treads checked by a professional. They will advise you on whether or not you need completely new tires or the ones you have will survive the cold seasons.

Consider getting snow tires.

You might consider getting special snow tires designed specifically for safe navigation after heavy snowfall. This would come in handy if you live in or plan on regularly visiting the hillier parts of the city where snow tends to settle thick on the ground.

Ensure the AC and heater are working.

Temperature control is another very important factor to consider when preparing your car for Cleveland cold seasons. You want to ensure that both you and your passengers will be comfortable whether it is a short stint to the corner grocery shop or a cross-city trip for some fun on the ski parks. Therefore, as you get your vehicle prepped, make sure to have the mechanic check on your heating system to ensure it works perfectly.

Stock up on antifreeze.

Antifreeze is the substance that ensures that fluids in the vehicle remain in their original state. The product prevents evaporation in hot weather or during overheating, but is best appreciated during cold seasons. The stuff ensures that whether it is engine oil or brake fluid you will not have your vehicle literally freezing up on you when you need it the most.

Invest in exterior protection for your car.

The cold weather can be brutal on your paint job, causing everything from chipping to fading. What's the story with that? Well, with snow and ice comes road salt. Road salt contains free-radical ions that, after extended exposure to oxygen, forms iron oxide. This speeds up the rusting process. In order to prevent this, you may want to invest in exterior protection. See some of our exterior detailing packages, available in a variety of options so you can choose the best one for your budget.

Adjust your tire pressure numbers.

Every driver understands their car and the needs of every single tire. As you prepare for winter, it is important to understand that the cold weather affects everything. It causes air to contract, meaning that you need more air to get safe enough pressure for driving.

Have an emergency bag on standby.

Finally, you can prepare your car for cold weather by getting an emergency bag. This is not necessarily changing the vehicle, but it is something that might come in handy should anything go wrong. In addition to a first aid kit, you can add things like:

  • a blanket
  • extra boots and gloves
  • multiple sets of warm clothes
  • a food stash with nonperishable snacks
  • an ice scraper
  • a small shovel
  • a flashlight

Visit Your Mechanic

Keeping your car in tip-top shape means you’ll have less trouble on the road, even in the worst conditions. You’ll also worry less about breaking down and being stranded in freezing temperatures. It could feel counterintuitive, but the time to visit your mechanic this season is well spent before anything major happens or the check engine light starts flashing. Ask for a full inspection and a thorough tune-up to ensure that you’re safe on the road this winter.