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The Importance Of Washing Pollen Off Your Car

Consider the various aftereffects that pollen has on your car

Summer is here and with this season allergies do present themselves. This season we get to enjoy the beautiful flowers but with that unfortunately come pollen. While looking at these flowers bloom and watching the beauty of nature in all its glory is what spring is all about, ensuring that the pollen does not coat your car with a yellow layer of dust is something you should do by taking regular trips to our car wash. While you are getting your car washed you may also need to consider the various aftereffects that pollen has, especially on a dark-colored car. Pollen might leave an ugly hue that ruins the overall look of your car.

So How Does Pollution Affect Your Vehicle?

Pollen is nothing but small microscopic balls that are thorny. When they blow in the wind, they tend to attach themselves to everything around them. The reason a lot of pollen is produced during spring is because they are responsible for the plant's reproductive system.

These tiny balls begin floating around and settle on various outdoor surfaces, mainly your car. Since they are microscopic, one might believe that pollen is harmless. However, certain articles believe that pollen is acidic, and this means that it can damage the surfaces it settles on if left untouched for a long time.

People who do not get rid of pollen from their car may end up seeing their car rust a lot faster. While this is speculation, the minute you drive a car layered with pollen, it enters your air filters and you will breathe pollen infested air. No matter how hard you try to keep away those allergies, once pollen becomes an integral part of your car's system your allergies will keep getting activated.

Best Solution For A Pollen Free Car

There are various things that you can do to get rid of pollen. One of them is vacuuming the interiors of your car thoroughly. This also includes cleaning the air filter and getting into all the nooks and corners along with cleaning under the hood. You can also wash the exterior of your car and give it a good wax coating. Waxing makes the surface of your car slippery. This prevents pollen from sticking to it and protects the paint of your car. Ideally, it is highly recommended to get your car waxed before spring sets in because once spring is in you might end up trapping a little pollen under the layer of wax and this means your car is doomed.

How Andy’s Auto Wash Can Help Protect Your Car Against Pollen?

Andy's AutoWash and Detailing Center is proud to offer interior detailing in the Cleveland area. This not only helps to clean the exterior of your car, but also helps to keep your interiors sparkling clean. We also have a membership program where you can sign up with us and get your car pollen-free for a minimal monthly fee.

This summer, enjoy nature in its fullest glory, and don't worry about pollen bothering you anymore.

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