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Flies on The Windshield: How to Protect Your Car’s Finish

Bugs on a car's grill

Insects are vulnerable during the colder months and are either overwintering in a safe spot or have migrated to warmer areas, so we get used to not seeing them around. But as soon as temperatures rise and the risk of frost has passed, they spread their wings and get on with their life’s work.

Warmer weather brings growing populations of flying insects into the atmosphere, and many of them end up on our windshields as we run errands, head out on road trips, or commute to work or school. While this is a normal part of the seasonal shift, it isn’t harmless.

The splattered remains of countless flying insects on your vehicle’s exterior can spell serious damage to the paint finish. This is because as insect remains break down, they grow more acidic. That natural acid can break down the clear coat and finish that keep your car protected from UV damage and oxidation. Besides the low pH, insect remains are also glue-like in their ability to stick to surfaces. Rain doesn’t easily wash them away, and even manual scrubbing can be difficult if they’ve been baked on by the sun.

Frequent Car Washing Is Key

There are products on the market that claim to be specific to bug removal, but even if you do opt to use those, regular car washing is the best way to be sure that your vehicle’s paint is clean and safe from corrosive substances. What determines the ideal frequency for your car washing will depend on the amount of insects you encounter and how often you drive. But really, removing bug remains as soon as possible is the best practice here. So before you head home, take a quick turn through a car wash station to clean off the day’s grime. Doing this on a regular basis will help to ensure that smashed insects aren’t wreaking havoc on your vehicle’s protective paint coatings.

Choosing an unlimited car wash package means that all summer long, any time you see build up, you can take care of it quickly, easily, and affordably. Between washes, using a mild cleanser–or just water in a spray bottle–and a non-abrasive sponge or microfiber cloth can keep your vehicle sparkling and protected. And if time goes by and the situation gets hard to fix, don’t worry––exterior detailing can get your vehicle looking great again.

Preventive Care

Beyond regular car washing and touch ups, getting in the habit of applying wax to your vehicle’s exterior is a must. This is a good idea year-round, but especially before insect season kicks into high gear. A protective wax layer will be less likely to hold on to insect remains, allowing you to more easily remove them and also reducing the chance that those acidic compounds will penetrate deeper layers of coatings and paints. An initial application and then subsequent waxes after each wash will do wonders to make it easier for you to keep your vehicle’s finish looking great, all season long. It also makes the cleaning process so much less of a chore that you’ll probably be more likely to do it often.

Keep Your Car Clean With Andy’s

This summer, don’t take chances with the integrity of your vehicle’s protective coatings. Instead, opt for an efficient, effective car wash on a regular basis to remove insect remains and other buildup. At Andy's AutoWash and Detailing Center we have everything you need to clean and protect your vehicle’s exterior and interior, getting you back out on the road for your next adventure. We use only gentle surfactants and brushes, and perform regular maintenance to ensure that grime and grit are flushed, ensuring that you’ll get a sparkling clean result every time you visit.

Get the season started right, with our full range of exterior car wash and interior detailing services in the Cleveland area –– get in touch with us to schedule your next cleaning!

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