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Spring Cleaning Essentials: Car Edition

Winter is just about gone, taking its salty roads with it. But those winter perils aren’t the only threat your car faces–every season brings its own troubles. Spring is just around the corner, and now is the time to learn how to keep your car in tip top shape this season.

Keep On Top of Pollen

We’re all ready for longer, sunnier days. And so are our plant neighbors. Trees and other spring bloomers let their pollen fly on the wind, and a whole lot of it will inevitably end up on your car. That’s why a car wash is so vital. If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, that’s going to be especially true for you. Because as air is pulled into your vehicle, pollen that’s left to sit on its exterior can make its way through the ventilation system and end up affecting you in the cabin.

We’ve all noticed a warming trend in recent history, and that means that trees will be breaking dormancy and sending out their pollen earlier than normal, even as early as February. So be on the lookout for that pollen blanket and take action–get a car wash! Now plenty of folks out there will tell you that tree pollen is acidic, and while we can’t confirm or deny that, we can say that its relative, sticky tree sap, is 100% detrimental to your car’s paint job. It can cause staining and discoloration and should be removed right away.

The Lowdown On Bird Droppings

In spring, birds are on the wing. As they migrate to their summer homes and start their broods, they’re eating up plenty of insects, leftover winter berries, and more. And they’re pretty indiscriminate as to where they leave their mark. 

Unfortunately if bird droppings sit on your car’s exterior and get sun-baked they can leave behind permanent damage to the paint. It’s all about the acidic pH, and that corrosive quality is just a fact of life. If you are able to remove the dropping before it dries, that’s best. If not, get a professional car wash, where the solutions are specially formulated to break down and wash away debris.

Don’t Be Bugged By Insects

We’ve gone on about this before–you know how we feel about letting smashed insects dry on your car! As temperatures warm in spring, insects are emerging from their winter hideouts and getting busy. They’re just living out their life cycles, and often end up right in the way of our daily commutes. The problem is that, just like the droppings of the birds that eat them, insect bodies are (you guessed it!) acidic.

Professional car wash stations use special formulations that work better to remove insects than traditional cleaners (they’re also more eco-friendly than a driveway wash). First, bug debris is rehydrated, then the car wash equipment can grab and remove it from your car. Insect removal solutions put chemistry into action and improve the release of debris while counteracting the natural acidity of insects. They effectively neutralize the acids, decompose any remaining proteins, and clean your vehicle’s exterior. There’s a lot of science going on in your neighborhood car wash! But don’t worry–these chemicals are very targeted, and won’t harm your vehicle.

We’d recommend removing insect debris as soon as you can get to a car wash–you definitely don’t want to prolong it, hoping for the end of insect season. That will just spell unnecessary and potentially permanent damage to your car’s finish as the dead bugs bake in the sun, lose moisture, and their acidity levels concentrate. An unlimited carwashing package is a lifesaver any time of year, but is super helpful during the spring season. Adding a clear-coat sealant, wax, or polish can help to protect that clean surface between washes, all season long.

Spring Clean Your Car

While everything we’ve mentioned so far is focused on your car’s exterior, the interior is likely due for a deep clean too. Months of cold weather make it hard to get out and clean the interior as thoroughly as we’d like to. Well, now is the time. Before you plan your next roadtrip, think about taking advantage of our professional car detailing services. Just like you’d air out your home and wash fabrics, a deep cleaning of the upholstery that includes our special disinfectant upgrade is your best bet for a clean (and safe) vehicle interior as you roll into spring.

Get The Best Car Wash in Cleveland, Ohio

Here at Andy’s Autowash and Detailing Center, we know that every season can take its toll on your car. That’s why we’re here to help educate you on the threats and offer easy, available solutions to keep your investment looking great. And we’re working hard behind the scenes to do some spring cleaning of our own, making sure that our facilities are running smoothly and that seasonal formulations are spot-on for your next visit. The season is just gearing up, and we’re here for it! 

Get in touch to find a location near you, inquire about our interior and exterior package deals, or to take advantage of our current specials. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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