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Keeping Your Car Clean In The Summer

Sun time, fun time! The temperatures are firmly in the warm zone, and there are places to go! At Andy's Autowash and Detailing Center we know you’re just itching to get out on the road. But just like with any other season, there are some things specific to summer you’ll want to know, going in. We’re here to keep your vehicle looking great, all year long. Here are our best tips to keeping your car clean this summer, and some reasons why it matters.

Exterior Risks

Summer vacation, here we come! We’re talking about day trips and road trips to the beach and lake and plenty of long drives through the country. Sounds great, until you realize that road construction crews are also out in force, insects are more plentiful, and the sun somehow feels stronger every year. Here are some things to be aware of this summer to help you keep your car in tip top shape:

  • Dirt, mud, and dust. These unavoidable byproducts of periods of both summer rain and drought can wreak havoc on your car’s finish. By their nature, mud and dirt contain particles that are abrasive. When they are baked on to your car’s exterior, they can prematurely wear the paint. Washing frequently is the best way to strip off any unwanted residue left over from that epic road trip.
  • Road debris. Construction barrels are out everywhere you look–it must be summer. Tar, gravel, grit, and road dust are special substances that can do a number on your car’s exterior, yes, but that will especially cause harm to the undercarriage. A thorough washing after prolonged exposure–be it on a vacation or your daily commute–is the best solution.
  • UV rays. It feels great to be out in the warmth of the summer sun, but there’s no denying that it can get too hot sometimes, and those UV rays are intense. Keeping your vehicle under cover is the best way to prevent the paint from prematurely fading and stop microscopic cracks from further developing, but that isn’t always possible. The sun’s rays can also bake on any debris–all the more reason for a weekly wash to keep your summer worry free.
  • Insect buildup. Even though it seems like there are far less insects around than back in the day, after a long summer drive you’ll definitely still have some insect residue on your car’s exterior. Those splats and spots are naturally very acidic and the longer they stay in place, the more damage they’ll do to your car’s paint job. Get those gone with a wash as soon as you notice them.
  • Pollen damage. It’s not just out to get your sinuses–pollen is naturally abrasive and while it’s tiny, the increasing levels of pollen during the spring allergy season can do a number on your car’s finish. Not only can pollen cause microscopic damage that will worsen with time and exposure, but it can also leave staining on lighter colors of paint when mixed with the inevitable summer rainstorms and humidity. Regular washing can ensure that pollen stays off of your car, which means it’s also less likely to get into the cabin and affect you or your passengers.
  • Rainy days. Summer thunderstorms are what makes the flowers grow, and they’re a given. But it can’t be denied that rain is naturally acidic, and that as it falls on your vehicle over and again, it can slowly but steadily degrade the finish. Sometimes rain can also deposit pollutants or particulates and leave spotty residue. Washing your vehicle the day after a rain storm and regularly opting for a wash package that includes a protective coating is a great way to make your vehicle’s finish impervious to summer weather.
  • Salt. Summer beach trips are a regular tradition for many, but did you know that while you’re taking in the fresh air and water, your car could be suffering? Salty air and salt spray are very corrosive to paint and metal, so if a coastal road trip is in your future, be sure to get a thorough car wash, including undercarriage, when you get back in town.

Interior Threats

You already know that winter and spring bring their own threats to your car’s interior, but summer has its perils too. After all, the more time we spend outside, the more opportunities we have to bring the outside in. And when you’re talking about dirt, mud, and sand, those are always better left outdoors. But try as you may, that long-awaited trip to the beach, lake, or park will inevitably leave its mark on your car’s interior. Here’s what to know about keeping your car’s cabin clean this summer:

  • More trips = more passengers. That also means more snacks, more talking, and fun, and plenty of opportunities for drinks and food to spill, for extra shoes to track in mud and grass, and just generally more need for a thorough cleaning. Regular vacuuming is the foundation of a clean interior, but who wants to drag out the vacuum every week at home? Easy answer–no one! Andy’s Autowash offers a full range of interior cleaning packages for the times when you just can’t handle the mess.
  • Pool days and beach days are a must for the best summer ever. But every trip means there’s a lot of water coming into your car’s interior. As they sit inside a sealed car, wet floor mats, seats, or that forgotten bathing suit in the trunk can cause some serious moldy and mildewy odors to develop. A thorough interior cleaning of your car’s fabric can set things right again and get it smelling fresh.
  • Lots of time spent outside is always best accompanied by layers of sunscreen. But while you’re protecting your skin from the sun, all that oily and water-resistant cream or spray can stain or discolor your car’s interior. It’s tricky to wash off, since sunscreen is specially formulated to stay on, even in the presence of water. No worries–Andy’s Autowash detailing services can safely and effectively remove it.
  • If you’re venturing into the great outdoors, you have to take your best, furry friends with you. More dog time is the best time, but it also means more hair, dirt, mud, grass, and yes, more of that undeniable wet dog smell. There’s no need to worry, and definitely don’t avoid bringing Fido along–just swing by for a post-trip deep clean.

When To Wash?

Now that you know all that’s involved in keeping your car clean this summer, and how much regular car washing can prevent long-term damage, you might want to run out to a drive-through car washing station immediately. Well obviously, we love that reaction, but before you do, pay some attention to the weather. 

While any car care expert will recommend washing your car at least once a week and definitely after any long road trips, offroading adventures, or rain and mud-filled weather events, they will also caution against washing your car during the hottest and sunniest part of the day. Movies have it wrong–washing a car in the middle of the sunniest summer day will quickly dry soapy water on the surface, leading to spotting, streaks, drip marks and residue that’s harder to clean off than the dirt that made you get out the hose in the first place. The surface of your vehicle is a heat conductor, and can easily reach 200℉ in the hot sun. That level of heat will quickly evaporate water, often before it’s possible to rinse or effectively clean. In the end, ineffective washing can end up causing more harm than good, breaking down your car’s clear coat and worse. 

It’s best to wash a car in the shade, but that’s not always ideal. And by the time you get up the gumption and collect all your supplies, the light could have shifted, finding you in the sun after all. This is where drive-through car washing stations save the day, with thorough washing and rinsing cycles that happen under cover, away from the sun’s intense rays. Not to mention it’s done in just minutes, and with no effort on your part. Once you exit the wash, car gleaming and protected, then let the sun shine its worst and dry what’s left. If you don’t want to leave things to chance, you can always opt for a towel-dry add-on to any Andy’s Autowash exterior service. And if a summer trip has your car’s interior looking rough, we handle that too.

For the best, most affordable, and quickest clean, try one of our unlimited packages. Swing by after work, on the way home from the beach, or after a day trip and keep your car looking its best, all season long. And you can rest assured that inside or out, we only use the best, most effective solutions that are specially formulated to be gentle enough for use on vehicles. 

Have fun out there this summer, knowing that you can cross one key chore off your to-do list–a clean car is just a short drive away. So here’s to the roadtrips–bring it all on, and then bring it in to us! Contact us today, check out our current specials, or sign up for our services online.