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Seasonal Tune-Up Tips: How To Prepare Your Car for Fall

A black car driving through fall leaves, Andys Autowash can help you prepare your car for colder weather.

Mornings have that crisp coolness, and lower heat and humidity means that evenings spent fireside are on demand. As unbelievable as it is, the summer season is winding down, and it’s time to focus on autumn. Car care might not be as top-of-mind in these mild months as it is in spring, summer, or winter, but every season has its risks. Here’s what to look out for this and every fall.

Just Keep Washing

Expert advice is always to wash your vehicle at least once every week. If you’re driving through construction zones, headed out on an epic road trip, or insect populations are up, more might be better. This time of year, as summer fades into fall, seasonal storms can blow debris onto your vehicle, and rain or misty mornings can cause things to stick. As leaves begin to make their annual descent, pretty as they are, if they land on your car and stay put, they can leach tannins and sap that will do a number on your car’s topcoat. Leaves tend to be acidic in nature and they can etch, stain, and otherwise ruin a perfect finish. Keeping up a regular car washing schedule ensures that your car stays protected and looking good, no matter the weather.

Why Waxing Is Key

Once your vehicle is washed and looking its best, seal in the clean with a protective wax coat. Not only will a wax keep your car cleaner, longer, it will also be a first line of defense against the rough roads–and elements–of winter. Besides that looming threat, you can better enjoy fall road trips to all your favorite seasonal festivities, knowing that your car is protected every mile. Just driving in the UV rays and along dusty roads allows debris and dirt to build up. A waxed exterior means that when you’re due for the next wash, it will be easier to remove anything that’s stuck on, for a more thorough clean that’s easy on the finish.

Top Seasonal Tips

Besides that year-long car washing routine, some season-specific car care tips will ensure that you can safely drive into winter with the best protection possible. Here’s what to pay attention to:

  1. Remove debris. Wipe away leaves, mud, dirt, tar, sap, bird droppings, etc. to ensure clear visibility and safe driving as nights get colder and darkness falls earlier.
  2. Check wipers. Dull blades will make a mess and reduce visibility. Clean the blade if dirty, and replace if they’re worn out.
  3. Keep Antifreeze Handy. Sometimes temperatures can drop fast–having antifreeze and rags for cleanup on hand can save your car.
  4. Stay clean. A clean exterior shouldn’t hide a dirty interior. Wind can whip leaves and boots can carry mud into your car–keep it vacuumed and wiped down for a clean and comfortable ride year round.
  5. Maintain it. Seasonal inspections of your car’s brakes, tires, head/tail lights, air filters, battery, engine and other components need to be regularly done to keep you safe on the road. No one wants to be stranded in the cold or at night, and no one wants to find out too late that their car has become a wildlife hotel.

Here’s an extra tip: Keep an eye on your vehicle’s tire pressure sensor and take advantage of available pressurized air pumps to ensure that your car’s tires are at the correct level for optimal performance and endurance. Tire pressure can differ from one season to the next, and cooler temperatures will naturally cause changes in air pressure.

Preserve Your Car at Andy’s Car Wash in North Olmsted

Behind your home and kids’ education, your car is likely one of the biggest investments your family will make. You ensure that its mechanical needs are met–keep it in good-as-new physical condition too, with just a few simple maintenance checks and regular visits to your local car wash in North Olmsted– Andy's Auto Wash and Detailing Center. Even the mild months of the year require upkeep, and with our unlimited package deals, it’s easier than ever. Interior and exterior cleaning and auto detailing options mean you never have to pull out the tools at home–just drop by on your commute or while you’re out and about.

Take advantage of our wide range of services, including auto detailing in North Olmsted, Ohio. Get in touch with us to schedule your next cleaning!